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C. Design a logo; experiment with the repeating lines, create motion using sequence and progression. Vary the line weight, creating contrast. Describe the speen and how the eye will move around the design. Did you line quality engage the viewer emotionally?

2-D Design, Colored Pencil, 10″ x 10″ Sept 1My logo design represents my name and my passion for swimming. After being on my highschool swim team, I decided to draw my initials wearing swim equipment, a swim cap, suit, and goggles. The motion of the A is fast while the motion of the C is slower, due to the curved line and darker color. The is not much contrast bewteen the C’s color and the black goggles, but the contrast is very high on the yellow colored A wearing the black cap and suit. Compared to artist Tyler Held’s work, mine is not that very complex. There are not many lines and it’s very simple. Similar to Held’d work, mine does have a color contrast with the A. With this design, I hope to present the viewer similar emotions toward swimming like I do.


About ciolekaj

I am a student at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation Department. I've always had a passion for drawing and wanted to learn more to improve on it. I one day hope to create a video game I designed with the help of the skills im learn while at Alfred.
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