Web Design

Web Design

Organize a webpage of your dream world

2-D design, Photoshop, 5″ x 7″

For my dream world design, I wanted to create a site that is related to video games. I myself am a gamer, I love to play video games in my free time and sometimes and post it on youtube. But its hard for most people who have the same hobby as me to get their videos out there. So this site helps those people detribute their videos to the population that they want to show to; other gamers. There are not any aspects of nature in this design that involves nature, unlike some of Ludo’s work which combines nature and technology. If i were to redo this project, I would add aspects of nature and technogloy, such as Ludo, into the background to show a technological feeling.


About ciolekaj

I am a student at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation Department. I've always had a passion for drawing and wanted to learn more to improve on it. I one day hope to create a video game I designed with the help of the skills im learn while at Alfred.
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