Response #2

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The movie I choose for the second response was Disney’s The Jungle Book released in 1967. The movie was based on the book written by Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Books series. While the books showed the hardships about living in the jungle with the violence of animals and other events , the Disney film took a more child friendly approach to the series. The movie did not follow the story line exactly, but it did have the key parts from the books to make it accurate.

After the release of The Sword in The Stone, Disney want his animation department to work more with animals characters more than man ones. Writers wanted to follow the dark, dramatic, and sinister tone of the books closely, but then decided to make the story more straightforward because the books are very episode, and wanted to movie to end with the character Mowgli returning to the man village. Although main story writer Bill Peet left the studios in the middle of production, the personalities still stayed with the characters he created for the film. The Jungle Book was the last animated film from the company to have Walt Disney’s personal touch to it before his death on December 16, 1966.

The film had techniques that were very noticeable during the scenes info the movie. The most noticeable was the use of technicolor; the deep parts of the jungle had shades of a deep, blue-green color to show how far into the jungle the setting was, and in the times of night and the wasteland near the end of the movie. The other technique seen was rotoscoping during the dance scenes, more noticeable during the “Bear Necessities” song, we’re Baloo had very human like movements during the song. But a scene not quite as noticed was the usage of reusing previous scenes in the motion; the part were Kaa the python fell out of the tree that he was wrapped around.

Compared to movies by Disney that came out around the same time, The Jungle a Book did significantly better than others. The Sword in The Stone, which was released before the jungle book, didn’t do as well as expected in theaters. Even so, the animation style was the same in both movies. But the success of The Jungle Book surpassed that go The Sword in The Stone.


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