Journal Week 1: Jan 28

Scan 7      Scan 4 Scan 6      Scan 5

Scan 3

These two sketchs are attempts to draw a human head from 2 of the 4 sources found that explain how to draw it. The top sketch had cime out better than the bottom one, the 3/4 view was more difficult to draw with the added features of the second source. I struggled to get a realistic human shaped head for the second one, while the first one has an anime-like style of drawing.

Scan 4       Scan 2



2014-01-23 14.24.06      Scan Scan 1    Scan 2


1. Skills in which I am confortable in relevance to figure drawing is the ability to draw the general outline of a given figure. Using the ability to see shapes and outlines developed in Foundations, it is easy for me to draw the outline of a figure than to draw the figure as a whole with it’s features.

2. I want to improve on drawing parts of the body without having to need reference. It’s very difficult for me to draw parts such as the hands, ears, and body structure of the human body without having to view another picture as a guideline.

3+4. In order to strengthen these weaknesses, I will improve by using pictures of hands and bodys in different positions and poses, and by use of a light table, trace over the images. After tracing over a number of images, I will then try to draw the part without tracing over the image to see if there was improvement. If there was no improvement, then I will continue to trace then draw free hand until the my drawing skills create realistic enough sketches.

5. A Sculpture that has always stayed in my memories was The Thinker by Auguste Robin. One of the main reasons it has always lingered on me was because of the figure’s position it’s in and the title of the sculpture. I’m always thinking of different projects and ideas at certain points in my day that sometimes I’ll find myself in almost the same pose as the statue.

6. One figurative artist I admire is Pete Kelly. In his work, Kell uses close use photos of old paint or graffiti with a camera and uses those images to creative a new, beautiful piece of art. His art appeals to me because Kelly is in a way using the aesthetic of Wabi Sabi in his photos. Using the old, worn value of the paint and using it to create new art.



Peter Kelly’s Kite Surfer I, inkjet print on 315 gsm, Soft Fine Art Paper

7. I want to improve on working with clay as a medium. Clay modeling was never the best strength I had and I wish to improve sculpting and molding clay into recognizable figures.


About ciolekaj

I am a student at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation Department. I've always had a passion for drawing and wanted to learn more to improve on it. I one day hope to create a video game I designed with the help of the skills im learn while at Alfred.
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