Character Description

Perce Ryder is an American high school student who recently transfered to one of Japan’s highest ranking schools; Kaisei Academy. The only problem is that he has no idea how he ended up in such a renowned school. After moving to Japan with his dad to be closer to his business, Perce hasn’t quite blended in with his new surroundings. Plus his appearance doesn’t help his case ether; having a tall, slim built frame, dark brown hair whose length is just above his eyes, and “American” facial features, he doesn’t mix in well with his school’s Asian population.

Perce has a very antisocial personality and has anxiety issues. Being a new transfer student from the States, it’s difficult for him to speak Japanese properly. Perce doesn’t talk to most other students, but has made one friend; a boy by the name of Sato Rin. Knowing that Perce has trouble with his Japanese, Rin helps Perce after school by letting him copy class notes and teaching him how to read and write in Japanese. In return, Perce helps Rin learn English so he can watch American shows and play games with English voices. Because his father spends most of his time at the office of his work and traveling on business trips, Perce is often alone in his room playing video games, but he will go out an enjoy hang out with Rin and go out to shops and other activities to get out in his new surrounding.

His regular outfit outside of class clothing includes a heavy, black hoodie with the hood up to hide his face, a shirt with the logo or his favorite show, game or band, dark colored jeans, and dark blue sneakers. As a fan of electric, house, and dubstep music, Perce will wear his headphone around his neck when he’s not listening to music, he will even have them around his neck when he’s wearing his school uniform in class. The school uniform includes a gray blazer, white shirt with a red and black striped tie, gray dress pants, and white shoes.

Perce has a deep secert, he is an electromancer, having the ability to manipulate electricity with is body. Perce acquired these powers from a strange device he found in a box in an alleyway when walking home from a local game shop. Even wit the ability to control electricity, Perce is still about to come in contact with water. Such activities such as bathing, swimming, and drinking water do no cause him pain. He can also absorb electricity as a means of extra energy; draining the battery power of electrical devices to give him a boost. Sometime Perce with up his laptop charge port in his mouth and suck the electricity as if it were a straw. With these abilities, Perce can release electricity in different forms form is body, such as shooting lighting from his hands or create a ball of electricity in his hand and throw it like a grenade. As a weapon, Perce uses a katana along with his electrical powers. He doesn’t need to stab or slash at his enemies, Perce can send 50 thousand volts, similar to a taser, to the body with eh back of the sword blade. He can also use the sword to launch swiping lighting attacks to take up multiple enemies from a distance.

During his time in Japan, Perce noticed high levels of gang activities; robbing, stealing, kidnapping, and vandalism. The most dangerous and violent gang, The Reds, named after the red colors that they wear, are on the verge of obtaining the largest street in the city, Market Street, the street Perce lives on. He decided to use his newly obtained powers to fight back and scare off the Reds and possibly drive them out of town. Perce’s appearance changes to wearing a black, long sleeve shirt, swaps out his hoodie for a hooded trench coat with a white lighting bolt patch on the sleeve and covers his nose and mouth with a black handkerchief mask with a skull design.


About ciolekaj

I am a student at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation Department. I've always had a passion for drawing and wanted to learn more to improve on it. I one day hope to create a video game I designed with the help of the skills im learn while at Alfred.
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