Flip Book Character


For this flip book project, I wanted to animate my character in a way that would make him like a crime fighter; jumping off a tall building and landing on a criminal’s head, knocking him out. I drew it on index cards and traced the frames in a light table. The number of frames used shows how fast my character was moving in the flip book. For fast paced scenes, like my character falling from the building, I used less frames than when be slowly pulls his sword from its sheath. For the moving limbs, I drew the part that would be still first, then moved the previous frame in the direction I wanted and drew the moving part with the light table.

As a flip book, the animation isn’t very successful because there isn’t space to hold the frames and see the whole animation. It’s more of a short animation than it is a flipbook. Also the drawings for the next frame are a little off from the previous frame.

This is the first time I drew an animation on this scale of detail to characters. Though I have had some exprience with an old game called Flip Book that was on the Nintendo Dsi; it allowed people to draw and create digital flipbooks on the system and able to share them as well. I didn’t animate movement that much, most of the ones I made were lip-syncs of quotes or lyrics of songs. I still animated the same style as back then with this project, moving certain parts of the figure while keeping other parts still. If I had the time to learn a different program to animate the flipbook better, I would have.


About ciolekaj

I am a student at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation Department. I've always had a passion for drawing and wanted to learn more to improve on it. I one day hope to create a video game I designed with the help of the skills im learn while at Alfred.
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