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The creation story I choose for this assignment was from Japanese culture. It tells the story of Izanagi and Izanami, Adam and Eve like characters, creating the islands of Japan and the variety of deities inhabiting those island. I made this comic in a manga style, going from right to left like how many comics are in Japan. The movement in the comic is also similar to that of a Japanese manga. The movements go from action to action, scene to scene, then subject to subject. Each frame of the comic is illustrating each sentence of the paragraph that is displaying the scene of the story. The simple design for Izanagi and Izanami is like a guess to what they would really look like. I choose these designs based off what people from Japan would wear during a formal or festival event. For the design of the deities, I took the subject of deity they were and made a humanoid creature in the form of that subject with characteristic that would idenify that deity. For example, the deity of trees is a large, tree-like beast that would blend in well among others, the deities of the sea, rivers, and sea-striats are all based of fish that would live in those habitats; shark for the sea, catfish for the rivers, and piranaha for the sea-striat. Though there was little to no movement in the comic, this scene is more of a slow set up to the rest for the story, so there is little action taking place.


Railsback, Bruce. “The Origin of Japan and her People” in Creation Stories from Around the World. Fourth Edition. University of Georgia. 2000. Web. 24 April 2014



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I am a student at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation Department. I've always had a passion for drawing and wanted to learn more to improve on it. I one day hope to create a video game I designed with the help of the skills im learn while at Alfred.
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