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Data Visualization Design Draft

For this data visualization assignment, I plan to turn the given data into a varity of fish. Each field of data will be a fish name, swimming speed, color, size, type, and if they are alive or dead. If the … Continue reading

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Personality Quiz This personality quiz is an eight question quiz containing questions of water related questions. However, I had extreme difficulty trying to get the coding to actually work. I planned for the results to be 4 different bodies of water; … Continue reading

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Questionare Draft

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Emotion Change

In this scene, my character is extremely bored as has nothing to do. He starts looking around for anything to entertain him when he spots the poster on the wall. He then begins to feel courageous from the site of … Continue reading

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In Class Assignment

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Business Site Final

Website This fictional website is a site for those who are looking to buy retro music items like records, record players, cassettes, cassette players, etc. I used the name “Recycled Music” because this is a site that works like Ebay … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Distance Gallery Writeup

I attendedĀ the opening of “The Architecture of Distance”, a gallery of art done by Laurie O’Brien, on February 19th, 2015 at 6 o’clock pm in the Bret Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State College. O’Brien’s work involves different elements of video, … Continue reading

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