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Dark Matters Gallery by Yvonne Buchanan

Yvonne Buchanan’s work involves a lot of African American experiences and symbolism in history that is mostly presented in the form of visual art and video.   The video piece┬áSpeak depicts a young black man standing in the middle of … Continue reading

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Still Life Render

All models created, textured, and lit by me. This is a Render Pass done in Photoshop

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Visual Performance and Arduino Interface

Interface: This interface consists of 3 soda cans and a lightswitch dimmer attached to a board of wood. The cans act like buttons when the disconnected soda can tab touches the tin foil that has an embedded wire that leads … Continue reading

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Mobile Game Final: Gate Race

Controls: Tilt Left or Right to steer car Objective: Drive through as many gates as possible

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Music Visualization Project

The song I choose for this visual performance is titled Marble Soda by artist Shawn Wasabi. This song is originally created with a device known as a Midi Fighter, a console that contains several buttons that can be programmed to … Continue reading

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Sound Map Recording Assignment

In this assignment we were asked to listen to the sounds in a common space with lots of activity happening. I decided to listen to the sounds of the Student Leadership Center on the Alfred State campus and really pay … Continue reading

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