Production II Literary Adaptation Reference and Location Scouting

Piece of Literature:

Depression by Lauren White

Depression is like a tidal wave pulling you further in
you don’t feel up to facing anyone or anything

Depression is a huge emphasis on feeling sad and low
You feeling like you’re in a dark place with nowhere else to go

Depression is like you’re falling deeper into a black hole
Your mind feels violated and as though you have no control

Depression is having little energy or lack of motivation
You feel tired and don’t want to engage in conversation

Depression is used in the wrong context of naive people
They don’t understand the seriousness of how it affects people

Depression is isolation, withdrawal, low self-esteem and more
You will never understand it unless you’ve been through it before

Location Scouting


About ciolekaj

I am a student at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation Department. I've always had a passion for drawing and wanted to learn more to improve on it. I one day hope to create a video game I designed with the help of the skills im learn while at Alfred.
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